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Beyond The Welding Hour Part II Tonight

Saturday night in the Video Temple at 11:30pm (EST) performances by Chromix, Neil Voss, Minusbaby, and Burnkit 2600. Live visuals by VBlank, No Carrier, and Enso.

The Beyond The Welding Hour concert will be carried live over the web on Radio Statler! (tune in at

There will also be another concert by Paradox Explorer at 2am.

Paradox Explorer is a multimedia and performance group based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They experiment with mixing audio, video, animation and software into hybrid creations. The group consists of several core members. These members design and implement the initial works. They are often joined by talented musicians, DJs, VJs, dancers, and other performers. Paradox Explorer strives to make each performance an immersive environment using sound, image and various cutting edge technologies.

Beyond The Welding Hour and The Next Hope posters available for $25 at the 2600 store on the 18th floor.



Radio Statler! presents…

Beyond The Welding Hour

Parts I and II


This two-night concerts series will bring together some of the most celebrated chiptune and circuitbending artists from the Philadelphia and New York metro areas.

On Friday, thrill to (what could very well be) GlaDOS singing your favorite Sega tunes (8bitbEtty), followed by jarringly groovy dance music (Cheap Dinosaurs), solid dance explosions (Animalstyle), ending with a grim-minded jungle state of affairs (Rhinostrich).

Saturday night brings more funky dance music (Chromix), heading into ambient N64 (Neil Voss), hybrid bass inoculations against non-moving-bootyitis (Minusbaby), and ending with circuits that scream and shout (Burnkit2600).

Fall into a trance with visuals from Enso, NO CARRIER, and VBlank.

Concerts start at 11:30pm in the Video Temple space on the Expo Floor.

Listen live on RADIO STATLER!

May we just add? Friday is GUS’S BIRTHDAY. All she wants for her birthday is to see YOU on the FLOOR getting LOOSE two nights in a ROW. Cut loose like Richard Stallman on Emacs juice. Lend me some sugar! I AM your neighbor!


Segway Human Transporters

Love them or hate them, they’re back!

In 2001 Dean Kamen introduced the secret project many were speculating would change the world. Some were underwhelmed, but the Segway Human Transporter is undoubtedly an impressive feat of engineering that intrigues hackers. Since 2006, HOPE has made Segways freely available for hackers to ride, play with, and figure out.

Servo drive electric motors, phosphate-based lithium-ion batteries, dual computers, two tilt sensors, five gyroscopes, and a navigation control system that uncannily seems to read your mind all makes this unique transportation machine worth trying out. You won’t have to shell out $5000 to ride one for free at The Next HOPE. These things are addictive, and quite safe. Instructors are available for the timid. Check out the Segways on the Mezzanine behind the Info Desk for an experience you’ll never forget.


LOST FILM FEST with VJ Scott Beibin

The LOST FILM FEST hosted by vj Scott Beibin is seditiously delicious & chock full of subversive fun. It’s a live stage show that tours the globe weaving situationist storytelling and short video clips. Audiences witness a revolutionary multimedia defenestration, cleverly smashing the illusions cast by Hollywood, the Pentagon, and Wall Street. The secret sauce of the Lost Film Fest is that Beibin travels the planet sourcing new material from his extensive global network of independent mediamaking operatives. As a result LFF audiences are usually the first to see new clips revealed, way before they become internet memes or go to festivals.

The Lost Film Fest will be in the Video Temple on the Expo Floor on Saturday afternoon. Look for an event schedule poster near the Video Temple space or check for exact showtimes.

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