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Some HOPE Travel Notes

If you’re still looking for cheap flights to New York for The Next HOPE, we’ve added a new service to help you out. Simply email and ask us what you’re looking for. Be as specific (and reasonable) as possible with regards to dates you’d like to travel and how much you can pay. Someone from our helpful staff will get back to you with specific info. NOTE: Airfares change rapidly so only email us when you’re ready to book. We will guide you to the best site but we’re NOT the ones booking your travel.

We’ve had a lot of people take advantage of the special HOPE rate at the Hotel Pennsylvania. So many that it’s been completely sold out! But it’s far from the end of the world. You can get pretty much the same rate by going through some discount websites. Try and select Hotel Pennsylvania. Other discount sites should also offer a decent rate. For more help with hotels, visit the HOPE Forums at where you can also find people to share rooms and rides with.


Group Rate for Attendees at Hotel

2600 Magazine presents The Next HOPE, the eighth conference in the 16 year history of the Hackers On Planet Earth series. It will happen at the Hotel Pennsylvania in the middle of New York City from July 16-18, 2010, and will be the largest creative technology conference on the U.S. East Coast.

Organizers have arranged for a group rate discount on hotel rooms during the conference.

  • $129 per night for one bed (single or double occupancy)
  • $159 per night for two double beds (double, triple or quad occupancy)

To reserve a room at the conference rate, call the Hotel Pennsylvania at one of the most famous phone numbers in the world, PEnnsylvania 6-5000, or from one of those newfangled dial phones, +1 (212) 736-5000 or +1(800)223-8585, and ask for The HOPE Conference Rate.

This rate will be available only as long as the reserved block of rooms for The Next HOPE lasts, so it would be a good idea to reserve your room as early as possible.

Registering for a hotel room will not get you into the conference. To register for the conference itself, click here.