The LOST FILM FEST hosted by vj Scott Beibin is seditiously delicious & chock full of subversive fun. It’s a live stage show that tours the globe weaving situationist storytelling and short video clips. Audiences witness a revolutionary multimedia defenestration, cleverly smashing the illusions cast by Hollywood, the Pentagon, and Wall Street. The secret sauce of the Lost Film Fest is that Beibin travels the planet sourcing new material from his extensive global network of independent mediamaking operatives. As a result LFF audiences are usually the first to see new clips revealed, way before they become internet memes or go to festivals.

The Lost Film Fest will be in the Video Temple on the Expo Floor on Saturday afternoon. Look for an event schedule poster near the Video Temple space or check for exact showtimes.

You shall witness:

- A swath of rarely seen ‘identity-correcting’ pranks by THE YES MEN exposing the baddies of business and the grossness of government.
- riot porn! (juicy action packed bits from laugh-a-riot protest footage)
- agitmation and mashups! (excitingly illegal art!)
- hidden histories and conspiracies revealed!
- cute and cuddly culture jamming chaos!
- suppressed technologies and ideas!
- deep dirt-delving documentaries!
- un-earthed media archaeology!
- anti-authoritarian absurdness!
- constructive deconstruction!
- politicians pelted w. pies!
- eco-warrior couture!
- clown blockades!
- circuit bending!
- mind bending!
- mutant bikes!
- tomfoolery!
- re-think!
- ?!?!?
- ?!?
- ?

“At the Lost Film Fest [...] viewers are treated to the visual equivalent of a House DJ spinning records – Wired Magazine”

“Nothing symbolises the form of low-budget, guerrilla film-making and distribution better, perhaps, than the Lost film festival – Guardian UK”

“Lost Film Fest is my favorite film event ever” – Sam Green, dir. The Weather Underground.

about the host:

Scott Beibin travels the world with the Lost Film Fest and Scientists Are The New Rockstars.

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