Saturday night in the Video Temple at 11:30pm (EST) performances by Chromix, Neil Voss, Minusbaby, and Burnkit 2600. Live visuals by VBlank, No Carrier, and Enso.

The Beyond The Welding Hour concert will be carried live over the web on Radio Statler! (tune in at

There will also be another concert by Paradox Explorer at 2am.

Paradox Explorer is a multimedia and performance group based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They experiment with mixing audio, video, animation and software into hybrid creations. The group consists of several core members. These members design and implement the initial works. They are often joined by talented musicians, DJs, VJs, dancers, and other performers. Paradox Explorer strives to make each performance an immersive environment using sound, image and various cutting edge technologies.

Beyond The Welding Hour and The Next Hope posters available for $25 at the 2600 store on the 18th floor.

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