Radio Statler! presents…

Beyond The Welding Hour

Parts I and II


This two-night concerts series will bring together some of the most celebrated chiptune and circuitbending artists from the Philadelphia and New York metro areas.

On Friday, thrill to (what could very well be) GlaDOS singing your favorite Sega tunes (8bitbEtty), followed by jarringly groovy dance music (Cheap Dinosaurs), solid dance explosions (Animalstyle), ending with a grim-minded jungle state of affairs (Rhinostrich).

Saturday night brings more funky dance music (Chromix), heading into ambient N64 (Neil Voss), hybrid bass inoculations against non-moving-bootyitis (Minusbaby), and ending with circuits that scream and shout (Burnkit2600).

Fall into a trance with visuals from Enso, NO CARRIER, and VBlank.

Concerts start at 11:30pm in the Video Temple space on the Expo Floor.

Listen live on RADIO STATLER!

May we just add? Friday is GUS’S BIRTHDAY. All she wants for her birthday is to see YOU on the FLOOR getting LOOSE two nights in a ROW. Cut loose like Richard Stallman on Emacs juice. Lend me some sugar! I AM your neighbor!

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