Love them or hate them, they’re back!

In 2001 Dean Kamen introduced the secret project many were speculating would change the world. Some were underwhelmed, but the Segway Human Transporter is undoubtedly an impressive feat of engineering that intrigues hackers. Since 2006, HOPE has made Segways freely available for hackers to ride, play with, and figure out.

Servo drive electric motors, phosphate-based lithium-ion batteries, dual computers, two tilt sensors, five gyroscopes, and a navigation control system that uncannily seems to read your mind all makes this unique transportation machine worth trying out. You won’t have to shell out $5000 to ride one for free at The Next HOPE. These things are addictive, and quite safe. Instructors are available for the timid. Check out the Segways on the Mezzanine behind the Info Desk for an experience you’ll never forget.

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