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Next HOPE iPhone app now available!

The OpenAMD/Badge team has another exciting announcement:  The Next HOPE iPhone App is now available for download and it’s totally FREE! 

Just like the Android App released last week, this app contains the whole schedule, which we’ll continually update before and during the conference.  The app also has full details on each talk, a favorites feature to mark the talks you want to attend, full search capabilities and a gateway for sending out vital information to attendees!

Please test it out and leave a comment in the forums to let the badge team know what you think!  Good feedback in the iTunes app store doesn’t hurt either.

For those of you without iPhones or Androids, longtime 2600 contributor Cheshire Catalyst has put together a .mobi site at

If these efforts inspire a need for last minute coding, check out the public API for the conference badge.

Now is also a good time to remind you that pre-registering is the only way to guarantee getting a hackable badge of your own.  Supplies are very limited, and we’ll be closing pre-registration on Sunday, July 11.  So pre-register now, save $15 and be sure to get the best badge to hit a con yet!

As we get closer to the event, be sure to stay tuned here and via @thenexthope on Twitter.


Next HOPE app available in the Android Market!

Next Hope Android App QR CodThe OpenAMD/Badge team is proud to announce that the Next HOPE mobile app is now available in the Android Market!

The Android app has the full schedule available now, and we’ll be pushing out live updates during the conference.  Please test it out and leave a comment to let the badge team know what you think!

If you’re wondering about all the fuss with badge itself, you can view the teaser video on OpenAMD.  If you want to get a head start on developing software to be used on the system at the conference, download the public API.  We’ll be posting more information on cool apps on the blog before and during the conference.

If you’re a hardware hacker, don’t forget about the Badge Hacking workshop taking place during the conference.

The only way to guarantee that you’ll get the cool hackable badge is by pre-registering.  Supplies are very limited, and at the present rate, it looks unlikely we will have badges for attendees purchasing their ticket at the door.  So pre-register now, save $15 and get the awesome hackable badge!

And don’t worry iPhone users, we have an iPhone app that’s currently in the approval process as well.  We’ll post more news on that as soon as we have it!

Stay tuned here and via @thenexthope on Twitter.


The Next HOPE needs volunteers!

We’re still looking for help in the following areas:

  • Setup: On Thursday, July 15th, we’re stringing cables, setting up light, sound and video equipment, building art installations and getting the conference ready for several thousand attendees. Being the setup crew is a great way to meet people and get acquainted with the conference before it starts!
  • Audio/Video: Our A/V gurus are seeking volunteers to operate sound boards, lighting consoles, and video cameras during the talks. In addition, To bring the talks to as many attendees as possible, they are streamed live from the camera feed to various projector screens located within the conference areas. Volunteers are needed to help
    set up the gear and to help maintain it over the course of the weekend.
  • Information Desk: Volunteers are needed to help provide orientation and information to fellow attendees, as well as disseminate vital schedule and event updates.
  • Special Ops: Things change, problems arise, and we need volunteers to
    be available to help solve these unforeseen problems and assist in all the other volunteer areas!

If you have a particular skill or interest and would like to get
involved, or are completely unskilled and have no direction in life,
just email and we’ll hook you up with the
appropriate organizers. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

See you at the Next HOPE!



The entire schedule for The Next HOPE has been finalized and is now viewable online in either grid or summary mode.

We have three scheduled tracks and one unscheduled one which will result in well over 100 hour long presentations. We had more submissions this year than ever before and also more preregistrants so this looks like the biggest HOPE in history.

It’s not too late to take advantage of preregistration before it closes within the next week or two. Simply click to ensure your spot at The Next HOPE.



In a story that continues to get more interesting with each passing day, one of our keynote speakers for The Next HOPE is said to be in great danger of being apprehended or worse by the United States government after a source of sensitive information was arrested.

Our keynote speaker, Julian Assange of Wikileaks, published a video back in April that showed U.S. troops firing on unarmed Reuters journalists in Baghdad, killing them and wounding a number of others. Attempts by Reuters to get this video through the Freedom of Information Act had failed. It was only after it was sent to Wikileaks that the truth came out and a major scandal followed.

But it didn’t end there. It seems that the alleged source of this particular leak had struck up a conversation with someone in the hacker community named Adrian Lamo. According to chat transcripts provided by Lamo, Army intelligence specialist Bradley Manning admitted to the leak along with one other video that has yet to be released. That video supposedly shows the 2009 Garani air strike in Afghanistan which killed dozens of civilians. But there was still more. According to a report in Wired, who claim to have copies of the chat transcripts, Manning had also sent 260,000 diplomatic cables to Wikileaks. This was supposedly the point at which Lamo felt he had no choice but to turn Manning in, according to the Wired story. Meanwhile Wikileaks will not confirm whether or not Manning is a source and also claims to not have 260,000 diplomatic cables. And that’s where it all stands now.

So what does this all mean? According to a report in the Daily Beast, it means Julian Assange is a marked man. In fact, former Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg said Assange was “absolutely” in danger and should “stay out of the U.S.” Meanwhile, in another report, an anonymous U.S. official was quoted as saying of Assange, “We’d like to know where he is.”

Assange is scheduled to give The Next HOPE Saturday keynote on July 17 in New York City. To make things even more interesting, Lamo has also been planning on appearing at the conference and may now wind up facing a hacker community who views his actions with, to put it mildly, disappointment. Lamo claims he was put in an impossible situation and is actually a supporter of Wikileaks, saying he even contributed money to the organization in the past.

That’s pretty much the story as it stands now. One person is in prison, another is in fear of arrest or even physical harm, while a third is being ostracized by much of the hacker world. We have not been immune from this, having been subjected to a denial of service attack the day after the story broke, ostensibly because of Lamo’s loose affiliation with 2600 as head of our Facebook group, among other things. But that is a relatively small price compared to the real hell being experienced by those involved firsthand.

We need to be clear on one thing. We find it reprehensible that Assange, a journalist whose only mission is to reveal the truth and protect sources, has to be subjected to this type of harassment. Wikileaks embodies all that is sacred to the hacker mentality: freedom of speech and of information, anonymity for sources, and a dedication to getting the story out, above all else. This is why Assange was chosen as one of our keynote speakers and we believe we all can and will learn a great deal from his words. That said, we will not encourage any speaker to put themselves in harm’s way for us or for anybody. But we will expend every effort to make sure that they are not silenced and that their message will be heard by our attendees. We call upon (but hardly expect to hear back from) the State Department and federal authorities to ensure that Julian Assange can travel freely to our country without harassment or detainment. We ask that you help us by spreading the message “Let Julian Speak!” far and wide. If nothing else, the world needs to know that such intimidation will not go unnoticed.

We also intend to do everything possible to support and strengthen the Wikileaks organization. That includes helping to fundraise, establishing links with other communities, and getting HOPE attendees to volunteer their services. We can think of no group more worthy of this level of support, especially in light of these recent developments.

As for the controversy itself, we will not avoid it. You can count on this being a hot topic at The Next HOPE, wherever the story happens to take us by then. As always, you can count on HOPE being lively, provocative, and above all else, relevant.


* photo credit New Media Days / Peter Erichsen via Flickr here, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 License.


Willing Participants, Please Step Up


EDIT: See the newer updated volunteers call post here.

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Last Call For Artspace Submissions

2600 Magazine presents The Next HOPE, the eighth conference in the 16 year history of the Hackers On Planet Earth series. It will happen at the Hotel Pennsylvania in the middle of New York City from July 16-18, 2010, and will be the largest creative technology conference on the U.S. East Coast.

The Next HOPE will feature a wide variety of tech art installations, but the submission deadline for participation in Artspace at The Next HOPE will be end of day on June 10th.

We invite artists, local and beyond, who have a vision of the future expressed as installation art. Installations must be technology-based. They can range from electrical experiments to computer-controlled machines, to data and information processing visualizations. They can be static or interactive, and they could be visual or musical, this is a very open field. This is an unpaid exhibition, but the selected installation artists will be given free admission to the conference, and inclusion in an online gallery with artist biographies which will be set up for promotional purposes.

If you have already submitted work for consideration, you will be contacted shortly.

What are your space, power, time, and data connection requirements? Contact the curator with that information as soon as possible.


Security Expert Dan Kaminsky to Keynote

We’re pleased to announce that security expert Dan Kaminsky will be one of the keynote speakers at The Next HOPE, taking place in New York City July 16-18, 2010. As previously announced, Julian Assange of Wikileaks will also be keynoting.

Dan KaminskyDan has a widely respected history in the computer security world, probably best known for discovering the 2008 DNS cache poisoning vulnerability, a flaw which could allow attackers to easily perform cache poisoning attacks on any nameserver. He also was key in the Sony BMG CD copy protection scandal, where Sony was found to be complicit in installing rootkits on consumer computers, making them vulnerable to all sorts of malware. Dan estimated that Sony’s rootkit had been installed on computers spanning more than 500,000 networks.

It’s particularly thrilling for us to have Dan in attendance (it’s also his first HOPE appearance) because he’s able to present this material in an entertaining and accessible manner, unlike so many security experts who have trouble reaching an audience outside their field of expertise. This, after all, is our goal with all of our conferences – to reach as many people with varying levels of interest and ability as possible.

Dan appeared on “Off The Hook” on January 20, 2010 and part of his interview on HAR FM can be heard on the December 29, 2009 edition of “Off The Wall.”

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Vendor Tables at The Next HOPE

Do you have something to sell, exhibit, or otherwise share with attendees at The Next HOPE? We’re making available a number of tables for folks who want to be able to display or sell their wares. These tables will be located in a highly-trafficked area of the second floor. We hope that a variety of groups will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to reach our attendees, and that our attendees will be able to see some neat products they might not otherwise get to know about.

Tables cost $350 each for commercial organizations; discounted rates are available for non-profit or personal projects. The commercial rate includes one admission to the conference. We will provide tables, chairs, and tablecloths if you want them. To register for a table, or for more information, please email Let us know who you are, what you are planning to sell or show, and if you will need electricity or a connection to the Internet (wireless or ethernet).


Call For Speakers Deadline – June 7th, Noon EST

The absolute deadline for speaker submissions is Monday, June 7th at Noon (Eastern Standard Time).

If you would like to be a speaker, presentation ideas should be submitted with a synopsis of your topic and a short presenter bio, and will be chosen by relevance in a peer review. Seminars, panels, fireside chats, tutorials, debates, or other types of presentations are all welcome.  Most presentations will be allotted 55 minutes.

HOPE includes a very wide variety of topics, limited only by our collective imagination: cryptography, intellectual property, telecommunications, new technologies, hardware hacking, culture jamming, programming, law, education, and social engineering. We are also looking for innovative subjects and presentation formats. At a HOPE conference there isn’t just a right to explore, there is a mandate to color outside the lines. Come show us what you’ve got!

Submissions should be sent to and include names (or aliases) and email addresses, in addition to the bio and topic summary requested above.