The OpenAMD/Badge team has another exciting announcement:  The Next HOPE iPhone App is now available for download and it’s totally FREE! 

Just like the Android App released last week, this app contains the whole schedule, which we’ll continually update before and during the conference.  The app also has full details on each talk, a favorites feature to mark the talks you want to attend, full search capabilities and a gateway for sending out vital information to attendees!

Please test it out and leave a comment in the forums to let the badge team know what you think!  Good feedback in the iTunes app store doesn’t hurt either.

For those of you without iPhones or Androids, longtime 2600 contributor Cheshire Catalyst has put together a .mobi site at

If these efforts inspire a need for last minute coding, check out the public API for the conference badge.

Now is also a good time to remind you that pre-registering is the only way to guarantee getting a hackable badge of your own.  Supplies are very limited, and we’ll be closing pre-registration on Sunday, July 11.  So pre-register now, save $15 and be sure to get the best badge to hit a con yet!

As we get closer to the event, be sure to stay tuned here and via @thenexthope on Twitter.

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