There will be a Badge-Hacking Workshop on Sunday at 3pm in the Hardware Hacking Village on the Expo Floor.

The Next HOPE’s electronic admission badge and the new and improved Open Attendee Meta-Data system are the result of a year’s US collaboration on top of several years of CCC work among dedicated hardware/software hackers to develop an amazing wearable RFID-based tool for you to explore the possibilities of new human tracking technology. It’s about more than just others knowing where you are—it’s about tracking your social interactivity. Powerful stuff in the hands of governments and corporations, but at HOPE it represents opportunities for learning and fun as well! At this hands-on workshop you’ll learn fundamentals of RFID technology, how it can be used and abused, and gain insights on what it means to us and privacy in our society.

Travis Goodspeed’s (no experience required) badge-hacking workshop will help you modify your HOPE badge with a USB port to connect it to your laptop for use as a wireless computer and badge network adapter. You’ll then make firmware modifications to install apps like wireless games, packet sniffers, Morse code beacons, radio jammers and more. Fifty hardware kits will be available for these workshops for a nominal fee (first come, first served) courtesy of Mitch Altman’s Cornfield Electronics. A second, advanced workshop will be offered Sunday for a limited few who want to reverse-engineer the firmware and learn cryptographic key extraction techniques. RSVP to to save your spot.

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