New York City has a lot of hackerspaces.  Which one can command the most resources to help the Hackerspace Village?

Due to an shipping error, the HSV is running seriously low on power strips, wire cutters, old lamps and extension cords.

In light of this, we’ve decided to hold a little competition to see who can command the most of these available resources for The Next HOPE’s own hackerspace!   Drop by any power strips, wire cutters, old lamps and extension cords to the Next HOPE info desk, or at the registration desk if you don’t have a badge.  Be sure to label each item with the hackerspace you want to see credited with the doantion.

We’ll keep track of donated material and award a special prize to the hackerspace that donate the greatest quantity of these resources to the cause by Saturday at Noon.

Stay tuned to the Next HOPE for updated standings on which hackerspace is in the lead!

At the end of the competition, we’ll donate these tools and lamps evenly back to the hackerspace named in the donation, as well as sell any unwanted parts to help raise funds for the named hackerspace.

E-mail for more information and thanks again!

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