Are you curious about how locks work and how to open them without keys? Maybe you’re an experienced lockpicker and want to show off your skills? Stop by the Lockpick Village to learn, practice, or show off!

The Lockpick Village is a fun physical security demo and workshop area run by The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers (TOOOL) and Locksport International. Workshops and talks will be held throughout the conference covering topics for novices and experts alike. Learn about the history of mechanical locks, experiment with exotic lock designs, test your skills against your friends, and compete head to head in a multitude of exciting contests! Plus meet some very interesting people.

TOOOL, Locksport International, and other community members will be on hand with numerous trial locks, picks, shims, and other devices. By exploring the construction and flaws of mechanical locks, you can learn how to apply your hacker mindset to manipulate them open in non-destructive ways, or even how to build better locks. Fun for hackers, tinkerers, and professionals alike, The Lockpick Village is the place to gain a stronger understanding about the role locks play in our physical security today, and learn how to improve your own security.

Here is a Lockpick Village video from Hope Number 6, back in 2006:

Stop by The Lockpick Village to check out the workshop schedule and contest times!

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