The absolute deadline for speaker submissions is Monday, June 7th at Noon (Eastern Standard Time).

If you would like to be a speaker, presentation ideas should be submitted with a synopsis of your topic and a short presenter bio, and will be chosen by relevance in a peer review. Seminars, panels, fireside chats, tutorials, debates, or other types of presentations are all welcome.  Most presentations will be allotted 55 minutes.

HOPE includes a very wide variety of topics, limited only by our collective imagination: cryptography, intellectual property, telecommunications, new technologies, hardware hacking, culture jamming, programming, law, education, and social engineering. We are also looking for innovative subjects and presentation formats. At a HOPE conference there isn’t just a right to explore, there is a mandate to color outside the lines. Come show us what you’ve got!

Submissions should be sent to and include names (or aliases) and email addresses, in addition to the bio and topic summary requested above.

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