Amateur Radio operators, or “Hams” have been developing and hacking wireless electronic communications systems for over a century. Their work gave birth to the DIY electronics and hacker movements.

The FCC has granted The Next HOPE a special-event amateur radio station
license to demonstrate the radio arts. Check out radio station N2H on the 18th floor near the Tesla room, and see free global voice/data communication in action– without infrastructure! It’s lots of fun and a great worldwide community to belong to– and it always works when your phone and Internet connection fails! Visit the HOPE wiki to get involved

On Sunday July 18th from 10am-1pm, FCC amateur radio exams will be administered on the 6th floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania. You don’t have to know Morse code anymore, you don’t have to be a conference attendee, and the entry-level license exam is pretty easy. Bring a state-issued photo ID or U.S. Passport. You can prepare in just a few hours by taking free sample practice exams at

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